Chris’s Sign Service At Lunch

The story behind the photo on our 2013 Christmas Card.

The iconic photo “Lunch Atop A Skyscraper” has hung in the entrance of the Chris’s Sign Service office for many years. We’ve often tossed the idea out there “Wouldn’t that be cool if we could set up something similar with our guys?”

The crew get settled on the boom truck

The crew get settled on the boom truck.

Well this fall, the dream became reality for our annual Christmas Card. Kim Davies set out to find clothing similar to what the ironworkers wore 80 years ago in that photo. All of the staff studied the picture and picked out what ‘roles’ they would play in the shoot. Our own Rob McBlain volunteered to be the ‘shirtless guy’ much to the ribbing of his co-workers.

On a beautiful day in September we set up the shoot. Using our large boom truck as the ‘beam’, our crew dressed in their ’30s garb and got ready for the shot. It was alot of fun to put this together! Thanks to all of our crew, and a special thanks to Kim for finding all of the clothing and props!


The Final Picture for our Christmas Card

The Final Picture - "Chris's Sign Service At Lunch 2013"

A little Photoshop Magic