SignMaintenanceIs your sign dirty and dingy? Is the lighting old and dim?

In today’s competitive market many business owners don’t realize the impact their sign may have on prospective clientele. If your sign is looking dim and dirty, Chris’s Signs experts will give it the TLC it deserves to present a professional image to your valued clients.

Why invest in sign maintenance or even LED Retrofitting?

A properly maintained and highly visible sign is key to promoting the professional image of your company to both new and existing clients.

LED Retrofitting can offer even greater visibility for your sign at night, and save significant electrical costs. BC Hydro offers rebates for converting to more cost efficient lighting, and Chris’s Signs is a member of the BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance.

Why choose Chris’s Signs? With over 25 years of experience in the sign industry, we can offer the best rates and the most experienced technicians to provide complete sign service and can help  your organization ‘Go Green’.

Call us at 604-530-1199 or use our online forms for a Service Request or LED Retrofitting quote. We can help you keep your signs clean and shining bright! We even have an app for your iphone or android!