Before and After shots showing the increased illumination from this LED retrofitting project.

Before and After shots showing the increased illumination from this LED retrofitting project.

To generate power and maintenance savings by renovating existing exterior signage lighting with a brighter, more efficient LED solution.

Annual energy cost savings:
$3,000 per year
Annual kWh savings:
36,000 kWh
Equivalent CO2 emissions averted over lifetime
of product:
50,315 lbs / 22,823 kg

Products Installed

OSRAM SYLVANIA BackLED L, Advanced LED Signage System


Coming off the success of the Sumas McDonald’s restaurant retrofit, the Annacis Island McDonald’s location enlisted the same expertise of Chris’s Sign Service to update its fluorescent exterior signage.

Signs are not just building ornaments to increase curb appeal, they are an essential part of an overall marketing strategy. Signs help reinforce brands, attract new customers and even enhance the look of a community. Since signs are typically visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, its effect is continuous.

Partnering with OSRAM SYLVANIA and Nedco Distributors, Chris’s Sign Service evaluated an LED solution to retrofit the signage, seeking the benefi ts of greater energy savings, longer life and improved performance. Together the trio determined that the SYLVANIA BackLED L LED Lighting System would be a perfect fit for the exterior signage application. The cutting-edge LED module also meets the sustainability goals of the restaurant with its high efficacy to get more light for each energy dollar.

SYLVANIA’s BackLED L is an ideal solution to light box signs and channel letters; like the iconic McDonald’s Arches at the Annacis Island location. Chris’s Sign Services used the high performance white (6500K) module to light the yellow and red portions of the sign and menu. These small, versatile LED light sources are extremely cost effective, easy to install/maintain and last for upwards of 50,000 hours. The module features OSRAM’s proprietary Flat-Ray optical technology, which ensures superior light uniformity at the sign face to enhance the professional image. In addition, the high brightness BackLED L module is highly energy efficient which results in energy savings as well as material savings for accelerated return on investment.

The existing fluorescent system used 6,022 watts to illuminate the iconic Arches annually. However, with the new SYLVANIA BackLED L, annual power consumption of the sign was lowered to 1,900 watts. This is a 4,122 watts savings, a 68 percent reduction.

Since the restaurant operates these exterior signs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the restaurant is saving over 36,000 kWh, roughly $3000 for the year in power. By reducing the sign’s annual energy consumption and carbon footprint by 68 percent, McDonald’s was able to yield incredible sustainability savings equating to 50,315.40 pounds of carbon dioxide over the life of the modules.

This savings is equivalent to the reduction of emissions from 2,000 gallons of gasoline. The Annacis Island McDonald’s location was able to benefit from the BC Hydro Power Smart program and received nearly $10,000 rebate money.

Realizing the benefits of LED solutions has resulted in a great pay off to the Annacis Island McDonald’s restaurant. Chris’s Sign Services, OSRAM SYLVANIA and Nedco provided the right solution with the SYLVANIA BackLED L. Like many LED retrofi t systems, the BackLED L lighting system helped the Annacis Island McDonald’s enterprise save money, consume less energy and reduce their carbon footprint.